Analyze tab in kite mobile

When i click on analyze tab in kite mobile, it opens the sensibull window which shows max profit/loss etc. But this doesn’t account for the exited position of the day belonging to same instrument.
Please include the booked pnl in the analysis or give us the option to tick that box and include it. If we go to sensibull web and click on positions tab, and analyze it there, the exited position is included while showing max possible pnl. So please make it consistent across the platforms.
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Thank you for highlighting. Sensibull team is fixing this.

This is fixed. Thank you for bringing this bug to our attention @emrys11

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I love the free sensibull access through my zerodha account. And i especially like analyze tab and payoff table. I have two feature requests.

  1. Can you please add the payoff table to mobile app? I didn’t find it but if its already there then do inform me.

  2. Can you expand the payoff table to more than 10 data points. In indices like Banknifty, 10 data points with 25 difference is too less. Make it scrollable or maybe 20 data points at least.