And Or condition selection

My requirement is if there are 3 condition in my strategy as follows:


1 and 2 should all meet at a time Or 3 alone.

Streak gives an option of AND / OR when I enter second condition onwards, but no option is given for first condition. SO how to do this?

Hi @Raj_K

Please note that if you create the conditions as 1 and 2 Or 3, then the conditions will be checked in the following manner-
" ( 1 & 2) or 3 "

For example, if you have the conditions “RSI(14,0) higher than 50 and RSI(14,0) lower than 70 or Supertrend(7,3,0) lower than Close(0)” then the conditions will trigger an entry when either “RSI(14,0) higher than 50 & RSI(14,0) lower than 70” or when " Supertrend(7,3,0) lower than Close(0)" is met on the chart.

You can learn more about this in detail through the following link- Create (Basic) - Streak Help