Android App for Tradingqna

Do we have an Android App for

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Not yet. Ths site is responsive and works well on the mobile browsers.


Yes right , Bhuvanesh, I second you. There’s absolutely no need for an app. The website works like charm on Chrome browsers on Android.:slight_smile:


If you use Tapatalk it’s also great … mobile app is always good for use


This forum uses Discourse software (a Ruby on Rails App)
I’m a developer, did lot of installs and customizations for this kind of forums.
They ( do have Android and iOS App

Here are the links

as @Bhuvan mentioned it is responsive, works well with chrome browser and other major browsers.
but, there some notifications specific things and other stuff on pipeline from Discourse community.

You can try installing above app and try to add to the app.

Hope this helps



Undoubtedly sir the site is just beautiful to share and learn. Actually, a pinned tab on my PC. But sir, a android app will be really a step forward as it will be like “productive instagram” to browse questions and reading articles and experiences. Plz sir, Consider the app if possible. Thanx :blush:

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Sir thankyou for such a quick reply and sir we just need a fluid experience over small screens. I have been using personally the tradingqna “Instant app” for a month now. But still its hard to use over a 4.5inch device :sweat_smile:

Trading QnA website is a PWA meaning you can install this site like an app on your phone. Just select “Add to your home screen” on chrome. It won’t act like a shortcut to the website, it’ll work like a stand alone app. Try it.


Does this work only from chrome browser? Can this be achieved from firefox browser?

It works on Firefox browser as well -

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I would like to know what technology/ JavaScript are you using?

This forum is powered by Discourse, it’s open source.