Android: Notification on order execution

Feature request: Ability to get notification from kite app when an order is executed.
I know for the same the app must run in background and resulting in battery drain. But user should have toggle button in app to enable/disable the facility.
Any plan @nithin sir?


Hey Ankit, we are working on this. This feature will be available in the upcoming releases of Kite app.

Thanks. That will be helpful to all. Any expected date of app update? What new feature next update will include?

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Waiting for this feature. Thanks

Need this feature too… and it’s been a long wait already…though I place alerts based on price-levels, through other service providers, and they work okay but they fail when orders get executed on freak-ticks (ticks that do not show up on charts) and to guard against such situations I have to keep checking the order statuses frequently.
Please team Zerodha…provide this feature at the earliest.

Waiting for this feature as this is important. Currently for CNC there is no automatic way to set Stop Loss. Hence need order execution alert to appear so that Stop Loss can be Set.

Notice on execution and trigger as well some of us place SL order instead of sl-m plz