Angel broking issue or may be I don't know some things tell me

I had purchased a equitas small finance banks share at 49.80 on 2 March 2021. Now on 3 March 2021 in my holdings the average buy price is 49.86. When I asked customer care he said this is because tax is applied by government. I mean I traded in grow and 5 paisa but the tax is never applied on my holdings buy price it’s is alway deducted from my fund or I don’t know but in any broking my buy price is not changed on next day of buying. So may be angel broking is adding there shares in my demat account at price of 49.86. But why they are doing this and how it will benifit them. I can’t understand. And should I register a complaint about it.

May b your actual buy price is 49.86 n earlier it ws showing 49.8 …less chance of angel broking buying on your behalf

Check your Contract Note. Divide your total outlay (Buy Price*No. of Units + All Charges) as mentioned in Contract Note by No. of Units and see what comes out as the average buy price of your units.


Angel broking is just showing you the effective buy rate for your Equitas SFB stock including all the charges such as exchange charges, sebi fees, etc etc. You can confirm this from the contract note that Angel sends you. Just divide the total amount deducted from your trading account for this buy order BY the number of shares you purchased. And you will get most probably 49.86 rather than 49.8. Just check teh contract note and confirm once.

Yes. That’s my feeling too…