Angel broking margin details 🤦

Can I know what are the margins given by Angel broking broker and where to find them ?
Every broker provides their margin details in their website but I couldn’t find for angel broking .
Can anyone help me with this

Yes any angelbroking client please tell…
I also wanna know.

Angel broking give 10x margine in option writing and future. In commodity they give good leverage
I have tried little bit. never tried in equity But I think they give good leverage. Angel broking have discount pricing with high leverage. Astha, Alice blue, icici direct give good leverage but with extra pricing. Being option writer love to trade with angel broking .

How to simply change broker, while demat account being same? What are the charges for that? @gopchem

Broking house normally don’t allow opening only trading account, they prefer demat+Trading account together. And earn amc. You can talk to them or close previous one and open with new broker. It’s easy to transfer share from one demat to another by edis.

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ok. what are the total 1-time charge and amc? i think amc is some 500Rs? @gopchem

acc opening charges nil , from 2nd year 450+ gst.


What is " eligible holdings " under the funds section of Angel Broking? I note this is the margin against the shares which are yet to be received (suppose you bought something yesterday). So essentially do they allow delivery trades up to the total margin limit reflecting under “available margin to trade” even if you don’t have the full upfront amount?

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For Nifty 16000 CE June 21 how much margin is required for option writing in angel beoking @gopchem