Angel Broking Server Down

So since morning Angel Broking servers are down and not able to place order.
Thankfully my position is in profit and I have position in equity only. But if these things happen with f&O guys I can’t imagine what they might be going through.

Angel broking service is shit.
What will I do with margin if I am not able to place orders.

Always have a backup broker. Even after having a back up, there’s always a risk that your backup broker may be down as well, just like someone posted today that many brokers including Sharekhan, HDFC Sec, Angel, Upstox are down.

Along with the market risk, traders are also taking the platform and exchange risk.

Zerodha +50 points, Rest all can take notes from zerodha. And zerodha please provide margin on delivery trades I don’t want to use Angel services but you have left no option for me :smiley:

how was your experience with delivery margin (with angel) ?
Btw, no broker is resistant to such outages. One broker might go down when others are not. So, this is not a right comparison. Zerodha is good btw.

Will desktop based software face any issue like these web platforms ?
Say for example, NEST. Forget the broker, was there any outages like this in desktop related platforms ?

Btw, upstox safe there is a problem with CDSL. Then this must be common to all DP with CDSL. Is Zerodha facing any authorization related problems ?

angel is down from one hour. bothered about my positions as some are weekly options

angel stock is also down, server is also down, everything will go down in future as well.