Annoying buttons

Hi @nithin @siva

please we don’t need this buttons (+ -), they are so annoying while doing charting.:joy::joy::joy:


But we can’t remove them as we use vendor based charting library, soon we are going to release Tradingview charts, you can try them. Also few others may find it useful as mentioned by other users.


@siva : nothing complicated , if its really necessary just add this css , div#chartSize {
display: none;

@Numan : But it may be useful for others ,so u need to tweak for urself , just add css styler chrome plugin and add above code

This has always been very annoying… Those buttons sit in right in the center and blocks a whole bunch of candles many times… Ideally they should be placed right under the whole charting area in that empty area to the left of the date range buttons…