Annual Report in Physical Form


Since I am holding shares of more than 100 companies, it is impossible for me to ask every company to send me a hard copy of the annual report. However, I want the annual reports in physical form on my registered address.

How can I request Zerodha to flag my account in the way that it will intimate my request of Annual Report in physical form to the (100+) companies?

Thanks in advance

Need guidance if it is possible ?

Yes, as I have received some annual reports on my registered address and never received any report on email.

I want all reports in physical form for research and study purpose.

Go green, why waste paper? A digital copy of the report is much more convenient.


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Well, Thanks for the suggestion. However, I am expecting the answer to my question as physical copy is more convenient for me and my group to study.

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Bhai, you need to care about your environment. We are losing thousands of miles of forest due to over usage of paper. Do you want that on your conscience?

Also, PDFs are convenient because you have annotations and share them. That is much more convenient for “Group Study”


There are the people who can’t use computer and smartphone but still they have the knowledge about the stock market.

I understand your concern and even I am doing the same, Instead of requesting the hard copies from everyone’s account, I am just using my account for it. At the end of the day, 10% unavoidable damage is far better than 90% avoidable damage, right?

(1)I do hold some shares of Philips India ltd and Philips lighting ltd ( delisted ) and till last year used to get annual report in physical form including dividend by cheque wherein the shares are in demat since a long time. this year all of a sudden got it on my email plus ecs as i get for all my demated share.
(2) Aci infocom still i hold in physical form but get annual report on email due to some e mail communication with the company by me wherein i had similar type with few other companies but they still send me physical documents and even dividend .
SO both the situation are contrary to each other .any clue why it is different from company to company ?

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Probably, someone from zerodha will be able to guide us in this regard in a better way.

Honestly speaking they hardly reply to any investor"s query with authority but do answer trading queries perhaps because the portal is called Trading qna !

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If you check the CMR, there is a flag in the BO details for receiving electronic Annual Reports which will be checked by default. We need to get it changed to physical annual report.
Not sure how to do that. Maybe you can raise a Zerodha support ticket and let us know