Another freak trade BN 37100 PE

@nithin sir, are you listening sir. Please please please do something about this. People are loosing everything in microseconds manipulations.

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What do you want the broker to do?

Jacob sir I am a small trader I have no power but to ask my friend Zerodha to help me. You guys have 80 percent plus client base I am sure SEBI will listen to you.
Am sorry for being panicky, but what is happening can bankrupt even the brokers in a single micro second.


Believe you checked this.

As mentioned by Nithin only way to rescue themselves is to place sl limit orders and not market.

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This is how SEBI saving Retailers. Hats off SEBI


Siva sir, itni awareness kisi ne kari hai create?? Sebi waley kisi ko sikhatey hai kya kuch. Mujhe pata hai mau samajh gaya limit laga lunga, baakiyo ka kya jo bus market mai aaya hai abhi?
Koi systemic approach hai kya batao. Margin kya isse bhi galat tha jo liquidity laata tha market mai, ab sab badey players ke haath mai chala gaya sir.

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OK fine @siva but what if Limit price is not traded and price shoots up without trading the limit price? I think the SL will not hit and if however price never reverts back then what ? Will this not end up in much more bigger loss and even position will still remain open or even make one bankrupt ??? Am i right.


@siva Thank you for your advise in the other post - where you talked about placing SL-Limit orders. It saved me a lot of money today!

I have a question - I had placed the 37100 PE SL trigger at 436.85. My limit was 20% above the trigger price. And unfortunately, the order got executed at 524.

I initially thought of keeping the limit at Trigger + 10%. But since today was a Friday, I changed it to 20%. Unfortunately, got hit.

In your experience, what should the gap between trigger and limit be, especially given the kind of moves we get these days.

Would 10% be ok for both Nifty and Bank Nifty?

Again, thanks a lot for your help and timely advise.

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You get one monkey off ur back and the other rides on. Solution rules mai nahi demand supply ko kaam karney deney mai hai.

Instead of placing stop loss orders, enter a debit call spread or debit put spread.

If you are bullish on BankNifty and want to buy 37000 CE, do the following.

  1. Buy 37000 CE
  2. Sell 38000 CE

If you are bearish on BankNifty and want to buy 37000 PE, do the following.

  1. Buy 37000 PE
  2. Sell 36000 PE

It will implicitly be a limited risk trade. You can be at peace without worrying about freak orders, SEBI execution range removal etc.

can we use Market Protection while placing the market Order ?
if yes , maximum how much % , Market Protection , we can use ?
i have heard that , maximum it is only 3% .
BUT ; 3 % only;, for the call put options , is NOT at all helpful , but , rather , useless and trouble , as it may cancel the entire order itself !

pls share your opinion .

I complained to NSE as I was also a victim. Though little hopes for any solution. This is a big problem which is making all you backtests and strategy failed because of mis regulations or over regulations.

can i escape from this freak trade if i dont put stoploss ? will zerodha auto squareoff ?


same question from my side.

If anyone hadn’t put SL or SLM order, will it still be closed by broker as the MTM loss will hit the higher percentage of the total capital?

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If anyone hadn’t put SL or SLM order, will it still be closed by broker as the MTM loss will hit the higher percentage of the total capital?

Hi @nithin / Traders / Experts

I have lost 40k in matter of seconds in 37100 PE wherein we cannot find the price hike in zerodha charts.

I am really surprised how high can be 1921.8 only in 37100 PE but it didn’t impact any other near strikes.Can anyone explain me on this?

Please let me know where to complain on this freak trades execution and I am sure it is going to occur frequently when volatility is about to increase.

This type of freak trades spoils the entire trading back test results.


Just curious,

what If tomorrow, I place Sell order on NIfty/Bank Nifty at 2x-4x the price of the option (update the order price If there is a change in Nifty/BN spot price), If it hits, I can make money from the freak trade, on the other hand, If enough people do it, It might stop the freak trades.



@siva , any comments . We didn’t knew that Zerodha’s customers have also started witnessing losses because of this , you were talking about some internal dynamics ranges then how can this happen in spite of it .
Or this was the result of placing SLM order.

My question is even if we take neutral overnight/NRML strategies like Iron Condors(IC) or Calendars on NIFTY/BNF index options but for a few seconds if the short strikes go deep red in losses i.e. beyond account capital(say MTM loss of 15L when a/c size OR free margin is 14L) then wouldn’t the broker’s RMS square off the short positions incurring huge losses at that point of freak trade high like 1921 in BNF from 500 for 1-2sec? I’m asking because zerodha used to square off losing positions if deep in loss beyond capital. Or will these freak trade based MTM loss swings be ignored/bypassed by RMS? Please clarify about the zerodha RMS position on such freak trade MTM losses for seconds with NRML positions in calendars/ICs? TIA. @siva @nithin @ShubhS9 I am going to go heavy on overnight options hence a bit anxious but I trust zerodha so far!

I also became a victim of this 37100 pe freak trade… Lost 2 lakhs within a second… Wiped off entire amount I earned in the last one year…I kept slm at 430 and it got executed at 1921.8… Such freak trades happening again and again and nse and sebi doesn’t even bother about it… @nithin sir please do something…