Any additional benefit of IPO application via Zerodha

Hi guys,

Does it make any sense of applying for IPOs via Zerodha, as Zerodha neither takes full responsibility for payments (left towards bank end) nor it gives proper status update of application successful submission (left between bank and registrar end) nor it gives immediate status update of successful/unsuccessful allotment (left at customer confirming themselves via registrar website).

I may be wrong but my doubt is, how do we actually benefit by applying for IPO’s via Zerodha?

Absolutely no benefit. As per my experience applying for IPO directly thru ASBA is best.

Well practically there is no benefit applying from Zerodha.
But I found your comment interesting. I always get update email from Zerodha when application is submitted to exchange:

Beside for allotment, I generally get an email from RTA of issue. Also I doubt if you apply through any Bank, they will send out separate allotment update.

But yes, if you think any other platform is convenient, you can always use it. There is hardly any additional benefit of using Zerodha or any other platform for IPO

Brokers are only intermediaries, they don’t have any control over your funds. They act as a mediator for you and help simplify the process.

That’s like saying your bank is not helping in the settlement of shares on T+2 day.

I find applying through Console easier than applying through ASBA because at the end of the day irrespective of where you apply from IPO allotment is lottery allotment.