Any broker that offers leverage in option buying?

As the title says, I’m looking for a broker that offers leverage in option buying, preferably in MIS orders.


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Hey, when you returned from Mars? How was your journey. We missed you so much on Earth. Now that you have returned please take your time and get informed about new happeings here. It seems you have missed a lot of action

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@maddy_Des I guess you are living in future in some other planet. The question is for 2020. And you are mentioning about policies for 2021. Anything can change in one year.

If you get irritated with question just don’t answer. Don’t expect everyone to know everything Everytime. You may have all the time hooked into screen by looking into money control or candle sticks. There are ppl who do trading part-time and not able to follow on news.

At the end just answer to the question. In my opinion the link you mentioned has no relation to present year market.

JUST ANSWER TO WHAT ASKED. Don’t make this platform to show off your knowledge and anger.


Thanks for your suggestions.
But I really think you should read and verify for yourself the exact dates of the implementation.

And I am like this. Sarcasm is my habit. You need to understand difference between sarcam and insult.
Now verify all the important dates wrt the issue and come back.
If you will still be thinking its 2021 then I will point you to exact facts.

@Degen option buying is purely you want to pay premium only, in option buying there is no involved margin ,

any way currently aliceblue providing 3 X for option buying , its will not give any effect , from aug 2021 there is no margin for intraday

Alice Blue isn’t actually. I have an account with them, and they’ve removed all margins. SAMCO seems to be providing some margin with their Option Plus program. I don’t know of any other brokers, which is why the question.

@Degen , for option buying no one will provide margin , you are paying full premiums , your loss is limited

option plus is only provide 1x , there is nothing effect on that one , anyway in my knowledge no one provide margin for option buying

Okey. As I have started it, then I shall end it.
Leverage is going to stop post 1 August 2020

Reality is that, all leverage in FnO was illegal from start. But in practice they used to give. So this applies even today. From 1 Dec 2020 the framework to catch the violators will be implemented setp by step. After 1 Aug 2021 giving leverage will be strictly no.

I pity the original asker of the question. He has ignored my comments for obvious reasons. But being in denial wont change the hard facts.
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Almost no one is providing/provides leverage on buying options.
Leverage is available on Option selling side, and that too more or less same among top brokers.
I use Zerodha, 5paisa and Samco - leverage on Option selling side is almost same among these three.

Angel Broking

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