Any chance of Sythentic Futures being made available?(for viewing, not trading)

It would help to have a weekly synthetic futures of major indices be available. For example, Nifty expiry is today and even though nifty is 20100 exactly, puts are priced almost double of calls. That means overall synthetic futures is around 20070 while spot is at 20100.

Synthetic Fut = Strike+Call price-Put Price

So could zerodha or sensibull make it available for viewing directly. I would rather have this synthetic future pinned on top instead of spot.

Yesterday, BN expiry, there was significant call side premium as compared to puts while looking at spot values and today it is opposite on the put side. Lots of traders are also confused and it could be solved if we could add synthetic weekly futures to marketwatch.



@emrys11 Sensibull is working on this, you should see this on their platform soon.

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