Any changes of lowering cost of Kite API charges?

Hi @nithin or @siva

I know that Zerodha is so very generous in many aspects when it comes to helping trading community but not sure why API cost is highest compared to other brokers in the industry?

I sincerely request you make it affordable to small traders to use by lowering cost because clients with 1L or below have to pay 24000/- per year in addition to meeting all other expenses like slippage, brokerage, transactional charges etc. You know how painful it is :slight_smile:

Even if they make 50% profit per year, all that would go into these expenses and so, literally impossible to afford API trading.

On top of all these, margins are sky rocketing by SEBI’s new rules

So, please consider making API available to small traders :slight_smile:

We believe small traders may not require these APIs hence we charge more and our aim is not to generate revenue out of this.
Currently many players are selling these for free but algo trading is not allowed for retail unless one got it approved for each strategy.
Also many are luring retailers promising higher returns and many are falling for it.If these APIs are cheap many will put these credentials into those scammers and end up loosing all their capital, hence to safeguard small traders we charge more.
Our main goal via these APIs is to help the ecosystem to grow , we offer them for free to individuals/startups who has ideas to solve clients problems at a scale, all our startups are on these APIs only.