Any difference between Dividend Reinvestment and Growth Mutual Fund?

Before I started investing with Zerodha Coin, I had invested in a few mutual funds through a distributor and recently I noticed them as regular plans with “Dividend Reinvestment” option rather than “Growth” option. When I asked him, he said it’s the same as the dividend is being reinvested back.

I am now curious to know if this is true or if there is still any subtle difference between the two options. If Dividend Reinvestment = Growth then why are these being sold under two different name?

Please throw some light on this.

There is a slight difference…but it only matters in Debt funds, here growth fund help you with saving some tax.

‘Dividend reinvestment’ implies that divided is issued and then reinvested.Here dividend distribution tax will be involved

In growth funds dividends are never issued in the first place, hence the concept of DDT is not involved.

This article should throw some more light on it.

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With the introduction of 10% DDT (Dividend Distribution Tax) for equity-oriented mutual funds in the Union Budget, now will there be any difference in Dividend Reinvestment option and Growth option?
Please throw some light on it.

This article says that now growth mutual funds will be favored by the investors.