Any feedback about day trading training from Vikram P of

Any feedback about day trading training from Vikram P of ?

Aim is to make consistent profit in day trading of stocks and then to progress to FnO.

Any other similar trainings that can give a push in the right direction (or, fail faster :smiley: )

His youtube videos are alright and he explains well in simple language. Btw he paid 1.5cr+ advance tax this year. So he is doing well, that much is apparent.

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Wow, thanks.

One of my friends attended his training and here is the feedback I have received from him:

  • Vikram just shares few videos and gives access to a Telegram channel for a month where he posts daily analysis of Nifty and Bank Nifty (post market).
  • No QnA, mentoring or discussions
  • Bit blunt or rude person
  • mainly good for Futures of Indices and not much of a use for options and trading in stocks
  • you will get to learn many of his strategies which are good

I did the course 4 months ago. Frankly, not of much value in my opinion.

  1. It’s a pre-recorded course. Not a live webinar.

  2. He comes on at the end only for a short while to answer queries. Manner of answering queries is very brief with no explanation or logic behind it.

  3. Post Webinar support is a joke. He doesn’t reply to you for days. And even when he does, as someone in this thread mentioned, he’s rude and blunt. His telegram channel is just a broadcast (one way communication)

  4. While the concept of using Pivots for day trading is a good one, this gentleman doesn’t do justice to it. He basically provides a set of patterns to trade without explaining the logic or fundamentals behind it. These patterns are vague and have a tendency to hit the SL incredibly often. Suggest people read the book “Secrets of a Pivot Boss” to gain a thorough and fundamental understanding of using pivots and application in trading.

Happy Trading!


@Neostar most of the trainings end up like this… :grinning: