Any free or paid tool that can give tips on which options we should trade?

I checked Sensibull, options opstra, quantsapp, optionsoracle etc.

but all of them will give you suggestion based on your input it will not give you suggestion by scanning the market condition.

Is there any software/website or a person that can give you tip on what to trade in options.
I see a lot of people on twitter posting their options trade and profit but they post it at the end of day/expiry - is there someone who can share his trade when before or at the time of placing those trades? what is the point of showing after all is over?

PLEASE don’t advise me to read books, varsity etc.
The way I look at it --.once I get few tips and place those trades and make some profit …I will automatically learn their thought process behind their trade …so doing is the best way of learning rather than theory. @maddy_Des @ksksat @Sensibull @KirubaKaran @MohammedFaisal @mohitmehra

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Don’t know about tools, but I can point you to this thread. Guys post your daily trading status

Some guys have posted profits as well as their Trading methodology, will take some digging but will be worth it.

Do you know if someone who is successful - post their trade prior to entering in to market ?

Don’t know anyone who does that.

How is the condition now? What lesson you learnt from that, and what was the max lose in one day after that lesson???

Right now, I am at this stage! Feeling hopeless

Thank you :blush:

Nice to see your feedback.

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I know it. I see everyone make profit in the beginning but they can’t hold that profit. When I started trading at 2015 I made profit in first few trades but I lost all of them in one single trade. I see these type of things happens to everyone who are new to trading. Trading and predicting market is not a big task but the big task is controling emotion and money management. Even at this point of time I still loss money due to my emotion. I try a lot to control it and I manage to control it for few days only and after some days I lost my emotion but nowdays when my emotion is on top I trade with very very low qty. That’s the only way for me to control my emotions. I suggest everyone to learn controling the emotion first and then start trading.