Any Genuine Stock Tips Services? Will Zerodha join the Game soon?

There are lots of Stock Tips service companies claiming to provide 400% - 1000% returns and even more if we take their special packages. Their website also has a “Performance Report”, which looks great. Too good to be true. When I check for reviews about their packages or that company, I find mixed reviews and really can’t decide if they are worth.

My questions are…

  1. Are there any trustworthy companies, (like Zerodha, with a proper Customer Care etc) giving these kind of tips?

  2. Do Zerodha have any plan to launch such a service in the near future?

Why you are looking for stock tips? Practice and over the time, you would get accustomed to give tips by yourself ;-))


Have you ever thought why these people giving out ‘tips’ which claim to give returns in excess of 400% aren’t doing it themselves with their own money? Do you think its logical to give ‘tips’ which is going to make more than a lac a month and charge 5,000 as charges for giving such tips?

I believe anyone who is making money in the markets will probably not be open about it. You’d never hear Sachin Tendulkar saying he’s the best batsman in the world. :slight_smile:

So I think having the words ‘genuine’ & ‘stock tips services’ in the same sentence is an Oxymoron :slight_smile:


websites like SP are providing Share tips , Better go for 3 day trail if you find satisfactory go for one month subscription , Over the time u monitor few stocks and trade in those stocks .never ever go blindly with Market tips , it will helpful only during your starting of Share Markets .