Any indicator like RSI and ADX which indicates that market is in consolidation mode or remains in consolidation mode?

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Although this is definitely not the answer but i insist that indicators are all lagging which means they just tell you what the price is doing/done whereas you already have price before you. You seem like a beginner. I am past that phase. Believe me dont waste time on all this indicators stuff. Most of the indicators are not doing any good for your trading. Learn a strategy that makes sense rather than conditions based on indicators like buy when this indi is this much and soon. I reiterate that you should learn a strategy that makes sense,logical like Price action trading, breakout failure, breakout pullbacks, volume, etc. Sorry for the most wrongest answer ever!

Personally, I draw trendlines for analysing trend. So if trend line is more or less flat or I am unable find pivot high/lows to draw trend lines, it means trend is sideways i.e. price is consolidating. But you can use ADX as a support tool to find trend strength, so if ADX is below 25, it simply means price is ranging.

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I agree with you to some extent, technical analysis is not everyone’s cup of tea. But you should let anyone who is seeking it to learn and use it for sometime or forever. Its upto them. Also tech analysis gives deep understanding on trading than just price action trading.
History repeats itself.

Agree regarding understanding on trading. I just wanted to warn him but it went overboard i think. I am just against indicators not TA. Price action, volume,etc is all TA itself. But yes i think knowing about indicators makes you acquainted with TA. But again there are many people whove been thru that journey finding ideal parameters, indicator piling and then finally settle to senseful things.

Can you explain all those strategies