Any issue with credit suisse?

seeing lot of scary tweets on europe banks like credit suisse n deutsche bank

is it only weekend fear created by bears :bear: or any genuin issue with this banks ???

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Then I am waiting for our market to fall, #Nifty15000 :grin:

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Not directly related to your query.

Your query made me look at the top banks in the world.

DB is at 21
CS is at 41
SBI is at 49

No1 to 4 belong to chinese bank - Never thought Chinese banks were the No1. JP Morgan at 5th.

Above from Wikipedia as of 2021.

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Position does not matter I guess, in the sense that, if there is smoke, with fire, it will have a domino effect. More so 2008 GFC is still fresh.

Responding without seeing any tweets, without no information :face_in_clouds:

Found an article on this

News being taken out of context. Decide for yourself.

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