Any option strategies for starting of the month?

What is the optimal strategy can be used at the start of the month specially when premiums are high, theta is very low?

Irrespective of bullish or bearishness of market, is there any neutral strategy can be used?

Since markets have been stagnant for some time, All the OTM call options have become cheaper due to sideways market trend. Check out performers like TCS etc., companies which will announce quarterly results. Theta will catch up once these companies show some bullness. Keep your fingers crossed and watch out!

In the starting of month and after previous month expiry day, many traders are changing their positions from previous month options to next month options.Thus at starting of month buying options in any neutral strategy will be helpful.

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Hmmm good… Anything on volatility? As there is going to be results season, IV will touch high n drop suddenly, any suggestion around this friend?