Any option to save Marketwatch?


I created a new Marketwatch in PI and saved the workspace. Then when I close the market watch and reload the saved workspace, the newly created marketwatch is not restored. Is there any way to restore a saved marketwatch after it has been closed? Because it is really getting frustrating to create a new marketwatch everytime we close it by mistake!


hello trader,

There is an option inside the pi settings to save your current market-watch on exit. Check if that is activated.


Actually that is not the problem. Maybe I can paraphrase my issue again: Whenever I ‘close’ the new marketwatch I create, I lose it forever. Even I have saved the workspace after creating the new marketwatch. is there anyway i can save a marketwatch so that i can get it back after i close it?


In Pi. You can create more than one market watch but can save only one.

To save new market watch you need to save new work space. Only one market watch will be saved in each workspace. Pi needs lot of bug fixes.

After you open Pi, in the file menu select " save work space as" different name and then modify the default market watch and save workspace.

This way you can create number of workspaces and can reload the same.

You can have multiple market watch only for current session of Pi. If you close Pi and open only default market watch will get loaded.

If you have more scrips and number of market watches it will take more bandwidth of internet, that may lead to crash of Pi.

Each scrip will open one connection. You can see how many Number of connections at the bottom right corner of Pi.


Thanks much! Will give it a try!


Thank you for the information. I also came across this today. I think it was mentioned that one can have different MarketWatch in zerodha’s official video tutorial by Mr Nitin Kamath. Indeed, there are lots and lots of bugs in Pi. Whenever I contacted a zerodha customercare, I get a one line ambiguous response on an issue where I would have taken 15 lines along with a screenshot sometimes to describe it clearly. I hope someone from zerodha reads this and takes some action


Hi @siva,
The market watch settings get reverted everytime i save it .For ex the change in % option.I de select it and save the preferences and in few days again it gets selected.Can this be fixed?


Should not happen this way, let me check this.

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This exactly happens, correct this as soon as you can. Also stocks selected in marketwatch is not properly distinguishable from other stocks in the list. Improve this visibility.


Also when i scroll down in marketwatch using down arrow, chart should load automatically like in tview. Why we have to click or use shortcuts like “c” to view charts. Get this done too.