Any publicly available trading log tool?

Does Zerodha have integrations with any trading log tools?

In Forex trading, most brokers have integrations with MyFxBook, ForexFactory’s Trade Explorer etc, where one can punch in their broker account credentials and have their trades logged, and add notes etc.

Having something similar for NSE/BSE trades would be immensely helpful.

@nithin ‘trade log and notes’ type of tool/feature anywhere down in Kite’s product roadmap?

I recently also started Commodities trading on Kite (I hope I get a hang of it and thrive!) - But I desperately want to move away from logging every position and exit manually in my Google sheet and rather would prefer if a Tradebook is already available with my account on Kite!!

Have you used tagging feature on console.

@nithin - Interesting!! I didn’t know about Tags. Went through those on Kite. Here’s my experience and point of view.

Below is my google sheet Trading journal - Which in my opinion is a little more verbose than most trader’s.

For me to go away with this and use Tags, I can’t. What I as a trader need in a Trading Journal/Tradelog/Tradebook:

A real-time, comprehensive Tradelog with appropriate metrics WITH minimal manual intervention effort.

  1. Realtime: This is covered in Kite and Console>Tradebook, to certain degree. I think Console tradebook is T+1.
  2. Comprehensive: Need the essential metrics - Position Size, R/R (will need SL and TP capabilities also I believe), Win Rate, Gain/Loss on account etc.
  3. Minimal Intervention: Huge delta here.
    3.a I have to ensure I post tag the order BEFORE placing it, why isn’t it logged anyway?
    3.b I need go to Console. Why not readily available in a parallel tab in Kite itself?
    3.c I can’t tag executed orders.

Solutioning: Is easiest said than done, I know :smiley:
I understand this would require several foundational elements first, like a take profit/target price capability to essentially identify 1 single trade, GTT to be linked to stoploss of 1 single trade etc → basically an infrastructure that identifies and differentiates Trading from Non-Trading.

But I guess if a massive chunk of Zerodha’s revenues is from the “Trader” user persona, then let’s prioritise this in the roadmap!

@nithin This was just my point of view, I really appreciate how you and team closely interacts with your users and keep us engaged via tradingqna <3.

< Where is tradingQnA’s mobile app in the roadmap !? Let me guess, after you get 10K MAU on the web haha XP ?? >

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