Any review, Mohit Gupta, any traders try the tip service

I want to start trading in MCX.
Any commodity trader subscribe to paid tips of mohit gupta of For 2 thousand Rupees, they offering guaranteed returns on Commodities.

I was interested to subscribe, asked for his 6 months trading ledger on whatsapp, no response after that.

Should I take the risk and subscribe for Mohit Gupta tips without trading ledger proof. Anyone make profit from tip service.

if they can give guarenteed returns , they dont need to make money by giving calls … :smile:

anyway before subscribing it to any paid service , you have to check whether they are registered with SEBI for advisory service …
90% of the so called paid calll givers wont have any track record or the qualification


Be very careful!

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good warning, I research more and find he running other websites with different products.

no thankyou, to tip service.

Bhai, domain hi itna chutyia wala liya hai, yeh kahe ka dega tips.

In the words of KRK, these are all 2 rupees people who make money by charging 2000 from people like you…