Any Samco user here who faced issue with trading today?

Any one here with samco account?
I faced trading in the platform throught the day. It was not connecting at all in the morning till 10 am or do. And then it was “connection time out retry” a lot of times during the day.
Happened on all, web and mobile app.

Yes, I trade with Samco. Today was a day full of glitches.

hmm… so it was not just for me then.
I am trading with samco only since last month.
How is the reliability with them, overall?

I have been trading with samco for almost a year now. Such issues are rare, however I use kite to check out prices and for charting, as samco charts are a bit lame and sometimes prices lag too. But overall, their support system and leverage is great.

Hi. I have opened an account in samco recently. I found the website too laggy and the execution too. I am unable to login into the desktop version too. Which platform do you use to trade?

I use kite for ticks and then place order in samco. Samco is slower by few seconds in updating.
On the support, I am not quite in favor of them.
They charged me extra margin shortfall couple of times (5% instead of 1%). I had to check my ledger, show them rule book and get it reversed.
Also, at times, their customer support number does not work.
I desperately wish, I come back to Zerodha. I really really like it, except this problem with OTM options buying, which hinders my options strategies.


I use the desktop (web) one mostly when I am home. and use the app when I am mobile.

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BTW, its working fine today… :slight_smile:

Ahh I read an article in zerodha support portal, Hope this might help.

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Yeah now I need to look into this option now. I was thinking account here, trading there… kinds of messy.
(I am old fashioned and want to keep things simple).
Today was also the same with SAMCO. very annoying.worst part is when I call the tech support, they say, nothing is wrong from their end, its my individual problem!
(I tried changing wifi, laptop, mobile, and even tried from a different city altogether :slightly_smiling_face:
) (have two accounts-both have same problem at the same time)
They dont want to admit it!

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