Any software/algo to place large option orders in one go?

I know about the basket and sticky order of zerodha but it’s just a hazzle and defeats the main purpose - speed.

Is there any platform/software or add on software which would help in this process to say place 20-30000 (in lot multiple’s of course) single option order in one go?

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Chrome extensions, APIs etc would be the generic method if you can program. If not try the solution below.

Though not zerodha or exchange approved this is something you can look into. It seems to have the feature you are looking into. I have never used it or tested it. It runs custom scripts over kite web gui to give nifty features not inherently there in Kite.

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Any readymade tool would be best… better still if zerodha could bring out some inbuilt tool.

If only we could see these products for the retailers Zerodha i3 - Execution based Algorithms – Z-Connect by Zerodha Z-Connect by Zerodha

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I don’t know any coding or programming, I was looking for something dedicated and proven method.

Will give it a try though… thanks for the info. :pray:

I know there are people using various easier tools/methods so…

do zerodha provides this i3 , nest i3 ?
who are others who provide this ?