Any strategies to make good use of Zerodha's low brokerage by having very small targets?

Was tinkering around with Zerodha’s brokerage calculator. Realised that in many F&O contracts, you just need to be in 0.10 rs in profit to start making money. You can make good money if, you trade more than 1 lot, multiple times throughout the day.

Say, TATASTEEL - 3 Lots i.e 6000 qty. 6000*0.25 is Rs. 1500. You could repeat this several times throughout the day and since, we are not going for huge target, technical analysis would be like going for the overkill.

Is there any strategy or methodology, that one can use to make such short multiple trades?

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Use Scalping with Heiken Ashi Candles and Fibo Levels+pivot points alogwith ADX, RSI & Stocastics to confirm reversals.

Hello Trader,

It is comforting to know that with low brokerage charges you need to aim less to stay profitable.

However, please do not consider this as an opportunity to trade more.

The practical wisdom is the more you trade the more chance of accumulating losses.

So stay with quality and not quantity.

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You can trade weekly bank nifty options during the expiry days to take less risk and high probability trades. Start by writing far of Out of the Money call or puts.. As time value decay will work in your favor when writing options during or on the day of expiry. This is one of the strategy followed by big players thatswhy you will see a big interest in these out of the money options with huge increase in open interest and volumes than the other ones.

Earlier monthly options were only there but with weeklies now you can do writing of options and take benefit of time value decay 4 times in a month.

Check the realtime prices and available weekly options @ Bank Nifty Weekly Options Chain via

You can visit How to Turn Bank Nifty Weekly Options into a Regular Income-Driving Machine?via to get more on how to plan, trade and make money from these bank nifty weekly options.

Happy Trading...

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Check out the below strategy based on RSI and ADX for Nifty futures:

There is a method called scalping which has a lot of stratergies of its own,but its not for amateurs or beginners, in so many stars use those techniques but as i said its only for professionals who can endure complete capitla loss better not to get into these quick profits.

Yes you can do this  but risk involve in this strategy 

- First to see is SMA(5) of in 1 min chat is blow to LTP 


- Last SMA(5)  is greater than previous 1 (means -carve taking upward move).


-   than as RSI(3) cross 10 in 1 min chart

I use this in 12:00 - 2:40 it work for me 95% .

Be alert for exit

 Time duration 2 min - 5 min


Yes, its working for Nifty Futures