Any trader here from Andaman, Port Blair?

I had a few queries to clarify.

Has anybody traveled to Andaman by ship ?

i have travelled by flight.

Hi, which island did you stay ?

I went to port blair then travelled to have lock by catamaran speed boat.

Any idea about Neils island ? I am looking at this place for diwali vacation, looks nice and cheap with free bicycle for travelling. Ship would be cheap I suppose compared to flight , also it will be like a cruise as well. I mean something like an All in one budget deal for a daytrader.

Andaman is nice place only if u love the beach sea and getting vet.

If you wish to go for islands then go with some tour operator ( I went wit erstwhile kingfisher airline). Because islands are remote and does not have much connectivity to mainland portblair. So if your have an operator that will help. I have no idea about Neil. I went to Havelock because I am an occasional scuba diver. But mostly scuba dives in Havelock is bit costlier.

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This is more like a budget backpack travel. I prefer to stay away from Stock Market Operators and Tour Operators.

If I am able to find a fellow trader in Port Blair, he might possibly give me a free lift to Neil Island in his little boat or catamaran.

That exactly is the problem with Andaman. Great place with poor infra. The islands have very less population who mainly commute through the government ships (actually dirty boats)… Not even think about it doing it on your own…( I never tried it actually) or u have few private operators such as markuzz (I went in markuzz which is a nice cat fully a/c)

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