Any trading floors in Banglore or Mysore?

hi traders,

Are there any trading floors for full time traders in banglore or mysore?
So full time traders can sit together and trade together.

Cost of maintanance for a trading floor includes Eclectricity, Rent, Internet etc…
Benefits : Help traders to collaborate and trade together.
I am still learning to trade. If there was any such trading floor i would be lucky to spend some time with the Pro’s.


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Like the idea


Then who will loose :grinning:

Better for full time traders as they good go like office and come back

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@Vinay_S If all pro’s are sitting in room. Probably Market will lose for sure!

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actually all traders sitting together wont trade same positions. They manage different portfolios so they diversify their trading.

I have seen a group in dubai. Different types of traders some trade currency, some trade equity, some trade commoditiesetc…
But i doubt if there is any facility like this here. Atleast untill now.

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This can be started as Start ups!

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hmm yea. group of successful traders can start. and provide a small facility for new traders to learn from them.

because trading is really a lonely business.


This type of setup was there 100 yrs back. It’s mentioned in Reminiscences of a stock operator where a group of traders used to trade under one roof (usually brokerage houses) often collaborating with each other.

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Group of engineers, doctors architects do great things together. I dream same to achieve big, Yeah! Need smart brains to print money just by sitting right infront of a PC.


it was there before 2010 l in Geojit financial

Usually money makers are those wholesale Retail kirana shops including whole sale primary snack food dealers and other similar sort of ppl who have wealth for many generations who have even limited education

Do not mistake me pls just shared my observation Govt or IT has no control over them yes they do hard work and spend their entire life in shop

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Its there in chennai

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Can you post more info of possible

There is some guy who runs some coaching center named tradeachievers , its one time payment of 10k , after that all his student can access trading floor any number of times , maximum capacity 100 …

Hmm I will check it out thanks

Try out in banglore.