Any update on Zerodha AMC

Is there any update on the Zerodha AMC? Launch date or plans?


We just got our in-principle approval. Now we’ll have to start putting everything in place, this will take some time : )

thank you @Bhuvan … Eagerly waiting.

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Any ETA? @Bhuvan @siva @nithin
Would love to hand over some funds to best broker


Low slippage etfs are preferable and some sectoral index funds

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Any update? We are in wait mode! :slight_smile:

I would love these two products -

  1. Index elss funds. Currently all elss funds are active funds and hence not fit for me.

  2. Auto rebalancing index funds. For example, an index fund+ liqud fund in 70:30 ratio and the fund resets to this ratio every month or every 3 months. Also please keep your liquid funds like Parag Parikh or Quantum Liquid, i.e, only short term gov debt or rbi bonds. Funds like quant liquid and others are taking risky bets to bring some extra returns and defeat the whole purpose of liquid funds.
    So a liquid fund that only invests in sov rated bonds, and if combined with an index fund in a fixed ratio that automatically rebalances would be great.


Will take some time. There’s a lot of work that’s goes in the background :slight_smile:

Will Zerodha be bringing its own ETFs also ??

Atleast should have start few debt funds.

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You have any updates about Zerodha AMC ? When are you guys going to start coming up with ‘industry first’ products ?

Will take some time : )

Can you please give some approximate timeline like 6 months to 1 year or more than 1 year ?


Don’t want to put a timeline. We’re yet to get our final approval and that takes a lot of work and we’re working it. Hopefully soon :crossed_fingers:

@Bhuvan @nithin

Any tentative date we can expect? or Atleast something like end of 2022 or early 2023? Actually in my family everyone is planning to invest in passive funds. But currently i have put them onhold till launch of zerodha AMC funds.

Meanwhile zerodha fans

There are multiple AMC and thousands of funds available. Why need to wait for Zerodha AMC to invest ?

Let him wait. It’s call loyalty.

And i can’t understand it.

@Celina @a13989 Its not about loyalty.

Earlier in 2015, i was using ICICI securities for stock trading and regular mutual funds and i was losing lot of brokerage fees

Later i came to know about Zerodha and saved lot of brokerage fees in these last couple of years

Similarly, now in mutual funds, even passive mutual funds are charging high expense ratio (HDFC NIFTY 100 index ~ 0.50%), no passive ELSS funds. So i am hoping Zerodha will launch variety of funds on passive side.

I am hoping Zerodha will disrupt asset management like it did broking

Currently NAVI has low expense ratio but their AUM’s are very low and tracking error is not low