Any website to see more than top 5 bids and offers?

on zerodha,one can see top 5 bid and offer for a stock

is this possible to see more than 5 bid and offer ?

Any website?

All trading platforms in India only show top 5 bids/offers.

It is possible. What you are looking is called level 3 data. It shows depth of 20 ask and 20 bid. NSE sell such data to companies. If you want you can find the list of such companies on this page

Do remember there will be cost involved and it should cost you somewhere 7000 - 15000 (minimum) every month

Also u can check with They too provide nse real time data and the market depth (if its included) is of 20 bids/ask i guess. They charge somewhere around 26 -30 usd per month.

I’m uploading the list too (u have to check which one is taking level 3 data)

Thank you buddy…god bless u

Why do you need that? Can you tell us whats the significance of being able to see more than 5 bids offers ?

It will help in finding that where is high support and resistance

You could alternatively use charts for this. Either use simple horizontal lines to draw resistance and support levels over the week. You could also used pivot levels as a reference while drawing out these lines.