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What are the best sites to add stocks to portfolio? Apart from google finance, yahoo finance,

Any other THE BEST site?

Moneycontrol. Trendlyne


neat and simple app for mobile, with portfolio widget ( P&L ) on the home screen, Supports Indian stocks .

Having a nominees is critical for any investment or you should have a will.

Prefer a nomination than a will as it smoothen the transition of your investment to the nominee.

The procedure if u dont have a nominee or will is so cumbersome and time consuming for the living. So take it seriously and do nominate to whom your investment should go.

My father had invested in shares the physical certificates. Those days it was either single or joint. Dont think there was nominee at that time. I still own the certificates because of the procedures involved. Succession certificate, all siblings need to sign and so many others that i kept it aside abd still have those certificates. One of them is mastershare of uti. Not sure what is the value.

So please do ensure that the investment u own has a nominee.

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For men, this is a complicated situation: appointing the wife as the nominee upsets the mother; appointing the mother as the nominee upsets the wife.

It is easier to maintain the status quo without a nominee.


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Also this report says , there is no real rush to appoint a nominee:

The only risk to the family is that you might end up leaving nothing behind for the family with longer life expectancy.

My account, my money, my thing. Let me decide decide guys. This is out of the range. I see as a threat. If you don’t attach nominee details we will make your account inactive.? Too much. and this is coming just like that.

The new policy is not about , " no nominee, no account" . But, they want to you to officially inform them, whether if you wish to appoint a nominee or do not wish to have a nominee ( negative nomination status ) .

Last week , I requested my F&O trading account to have No Nomination and they accepted and updated the same.


Exactly. This is to ensure that a person is aware of this feature. I am sure there is a option to declare no nomination

The regulators are only trying to smoothen the process. With icici direct it was click on few screens and it was done.

Similarly aadhar need to be linked to pan card if not i am told pan becomes invalid. This is for residents only. Also the person needs to pay 1000 as penality.

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How do i have to get that Negative nominee stuff?