Anyone experienced premium service from chartink?

Anyone experienced premium service from or are there better alternatives? I am primarily looking to track breakouts.

You can check out Streak.

In case of streak scans are defined for each scrip. Are there scanners which will scan all scrips in market and show the ones which qualify?

@Streak can you.

A scanner searches stocks that match your condition and displays the ones that does. Scanners are not created for a scrip, a strategy can be created for a scrip.

But on chartink it searches all liquid and illiquid stocks for the conditions and displays the one which qualifies on streak it will only search nifty 500, nifty 50, or other constituents of the index. Basically on chartink the universe of stock is bigger as compared to streak.

We would increase the list in the future. And you are correct about this. We only support nifty 500 currently.