Anyone here does multiple time frame analysis? Is it worth doing it? Do results get better? Can u share how u do it also

As a rule of thumb, the simpler the better. I concentrate only on 1 timeframe and I’m happy about my results.



It does help if you have a procedure to use different timeframes. I actually do trade based on 3 timeframes. Hourly for creating support and resistances, 5min for trend analysis and trading, 1min to fine tune the entries. My results are decent till now.

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15-Minute chart using Heikin Ashi candles to spot trend.

5-Minute chart for entries and managing the trade.

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There is a nice article on using multiple time frames written by an great EW analysts. You can check at the link here.

Interesting, lately even i have been wondering the use of multi-timeframe analysis. What do u use PA for trading?

kam.tngr I use price pivots along with stochastic. Just these two on 10 mins timeframe.

bro pls could you share stochastic setting?and in pi we dont have pivot which software ur using?

Stochastic setting is standard setting i.e. 14, price pivots means swing high/low. Its not an indicator, its a price pattern which needs to be identified by eyeballing. No clue about Pi since I don’t use it.

thanks bro,will try to catch up some trades using this ,which scrips ur using ?index,eq or eq fno?

Nifty and BN, I suggest you don’t just jump into taking trades as I haven’t disclosed my strategy as such, those are just the tools, how to use it is not something I am going to disclose for obvious reasons. Cheers mate!

its okay no probs,will try to self learn.i must thank for disclosing your valuable trade tools.

Interesting, so for trend determination u only use 5 min? How do u deal with it if the hourly shows a different trend versus 5 min, which one do u go with?

i dont consider the trend in hourly chart. i just use it to create the structural framework of support and resistances. remaing analysis goes on 5min timeframe only.when price enters into my setup areas in 5min chart, i watch 1min chart for more detailed price action to enter.
BTW i trade on naked charts.only volume bars and candlesticks appear on my screen…

Great Jagadeesh, even Lance Beggs suggests the same thing as you do, i.e. using three timeframes. Do you follow his strategies by any chance?

exactly. Im a ytc price action trader. :slight_smile:

Cool, I guessed so, I am glad you are YTC trader, Lance shares wonderful insights which helps understand the market and price action.

after reading his 6 volume ebook, my perception towards market has completely changed and im so lucky to find that series.

Jagadeesh could you let us know where can we download this series.

you can buy that in this link

Its worth investing money in this book.