Anyone Intraday trader who trades based on 'Range Bar chart' or the other charting than candlestick?

Anyone Intraday trader who trades based on ‘Range Bar chart’ or the other charting than candlestick?

Yes i do , but whats the intent of your thread !!?

I use orderflow charts, never trusted candles.

Hi bro, which software and data feed do you use for order flow charts

The intension is to have discussions on the topic.
I’m into trading since two years, was using traditional candlestick and recently I got introduced to noiseless charting method, which I found very logical.
May be the traders who also thinks in line can discuss further.
Unfortunately there is very limited material / source available on this topic, so thought we can discuss.
Thank you for your reply and look forward to learn from you.

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I use ninja+truedata

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Well , as you mentioned, Range bar charting or Line charts are better than Candle sticks , Candle sticks are based on time element where as Bar & Line are price based , so less noisy charts, Here i am posting a link which will be helpful , But please note that i am not promoting that website or something , i think it will be useful for you & help the discussions on this topic.

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yes i am using range charts and i found it much better than candlestick

Hello Ronak,
True, once you familiar with the ranges for the scrips you are trading, it gives much better picture on Support & Resistance.
The only issue is repainting of chart.

Do you use any other charting software other than Zerodha for Range bar Charts?

can anyone tell me how to count range values of every stock

ATR is helpful in this regard

I take it roughly 0.1% of its spot price.
For nifty it is 10 absolute points and for bnf it is 25 points for intraday trades.
Accordingly you can use for other stocks.