Anyway to simulate automated SIP type purchase of ETFs?

Is there any way to automate periodic SIP-like investment of a fixed amount say once per week in ETFs, using the Kite app or website.

Also, can it be done without setting up bank mandate, s.a. by using UPI payments, made upon demand or a reminder ?

Kite has this feature already. Atleast on web. you can put a market order

Thanks. Does that work on recurring basis ? When a market order is placed, to when the purchase against the order is executed, is a new order automatically created or the past one continues to exist ?

You may try this setup for executing SIP for a basket on a daily basis. Can be configured similarly for weekly.

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Yes I was not talking about GTT type. You can setup a “SIP” on stocks and ETFs on kite directly. you can configure to execute at a particular day and time as well.


Thanks folks. That was a silly n00b oversight. The “SIP” option was staring right at my face and I was missing it as I was always trying to click on “B” (Buy) option against the ETF from the watchlist.