App for tracking stocks and commodity and not trading

Hey there,

I have zerodha kite for trading. But I do not want to open it every time and enter password just to take an update on the market.

Is there an app where I can create my list of stocks and indices (e.g, nifty and sensex) and commodities where prices are updated live.

I tried an app called “Market pulse” but it had too many ads.

Any suggestions in this regard will be helpful.


You can enable fingerprint unlock in Kite app if your device has fingerprint scanner.
You can try TradingView app for market watch, NSE data is realtime and BSE is delayed by 15 minutes.

Kindly enable Fingerprint Authentication from Kite App Settings.

Fot this Moneycontrol is Best.

You can try WEBULL also. No login needed.

kite asks for password only once a day, if if signed in to your crome a/c.
Tradingview also asks for password but keeps logged in to you until you signed out.
other sites are heavy, may flash advts. so i suggest kite & Tradingview.
last line i want to add is that, if you use kite , you will be more experienced & familiar with kite terminal, which may help you to increase speed while trading, & catching the flying moments.

Just install ‘Moneycontrol’ app.

that’s the problem with free apps… there is not one app which doesn’t pop-up ads every now and then… rather than getting annoyed by ads… isn’t it better to just type password and view updates in kite…