Apply IPO with CITI and Zerodha?

How can I apply for IPO’s using DEMAT account from Zerodha and banking amount from CITI similar to what HDFC offers as per How to apply for IPO using HDFC Bank?.

Also, can I subscribe to IPO’s from my fathers HDFC banking account and my Zerodha DEMAT account?

I don’t have a Citibank account nor did I find any video online on how to apply for an IPO using Citibank netbanking. But if they do have this option, then you have to look for ‘Demat/ASBA services’ or ‘IPO Application’ or a similar option in their netbanking.
If you find it, then the steps remain the same as that for HDFC bank. Place your bid, enter your Zerodha beneficiary account number and apply.

Yes, you can apply for an IPO for yourself using your Father’s HDFC bank netbanking. Here, you only have to ensure that you enter the Beneficiary account details of your Zerodha Demat account.


Thanks for the info @Srinivas

Hello @bsandyy, did you get to try this with Citibank? I am not able to find such an option in Citibank. If you did, please let me know. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I am facing same problem with my Citibank account. Is there any solution to this? Or do I need to change my trading account to some other bank like HDFC, SBI, etc?

Hi @Anil_Soman @carnivas,

My CITI salary acc. doesn’t have ASBA facility. However, as long as you have Trading/DEMAT acc. with Zerodha, you can apply to an IPO from any bank acc(doesn’t have to be yours) as long as it has the ASBA facility. Most of the scheduled banks have ASBA facility.(SBI/Andhra/HDFC) …etc. You can refer to the IPO apply process for SBI @