Applying IPO as an HNI


Will get more than one lot if I applied under HNI category? For eg my HDFC NRI account has option to apply as HNI for 50 lots, say suppose I applied for 50 lot and the IPO is over subscribed. So in that case either I will get 50 or nothing or one lot randomly just like if I’m applying as a retailer’s category?

Allotment for HNI category is done on proportionate basis, compared to Retail Category where allotment is done randomly in case of over subscription chances of allotment are high in HNI category.

You can read the point here to know how the allotment on proportionate basis works.

@ShubhS9 to be Frank I’m totally confused, My minimum bid is 50 lot, is it 50 or nothing of oversubscribed? Or 1 lot randomly?

If you have applied for 10000 shares and HNI oversub is 500 times then you shall get 10000/500=20 shares.

If it is oversubscribed, you might receive allotment but won’t receive allotment for all 50 lots you have bid for.

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@ShubhS9 can anyone apply under HNI category ? Or does one need to place order of certain amount like >5 lakhs

One will have to place a bid worth more than 2 lakhs.

@ShubhS9 there are three bid slots in Zerodha

If the cut off price is 300 and minimum lot size is 10 maximum lot size is 100.

Case 1: I apply for 100 shares in the first bid slot leaving the remaining two blank.

Case 2: Bid the same 100 shares at cutoff price in all three bidding slots.

Will that be considered same?

We’ve explained the use of Bids, here.

If you want to apply for only 100 shares, you can apply in first slot and leave the remaining two blank.

Hey Shubham. I read the fine print there under point but still confused on one thing.

All the applications where the proportionate allotment works out to less than 100 shares per applicant, the allotment shall be made as follows:

Each successful applicant shall be allotted a minimum of 100 securities; and
The successful applicants out of the total applicants for that category shall be determined by drawal of lots in such a manner that the total number of shares allotted in that category is equal to the number of shares worked out as per (ii) above.

This is scenario where I bid for 50 lots, but the HNI was oversubscribed by 100x. In that case my allotment comes out as 0.5 lots. Now for people having less than 1 lot allocation(100 shares as mentioned in the fine print), is there a lottery system?

No ,in case of very high over subscription in NII, there is no partial lot allotment nor lottery, we will not get any allotment. I have faced this recently for Indigo paints IPO where I didn’t get any in NII category

But it says there

Each successful applicant shall be allotted a minimum of 100 securities.

How is this successful applicant determined ?

Do the odds of getting an IPO allotted change if a person fills all three slots with the same quantity rather than filling only the first slot?

Not actually. You can check out this post to know how this works.

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@ShubhS9 @IPO_Expert @ipotantra can someone help… below is the subscription figure for Yatra Online Ipo.

Questuin is for sNII category

Assume this is final figure by end of the day, and i applied in sNII category.

Price : 142
Lot size : 105

Applied lots : 14

142 * 105 * 14= 208740

Now 2 scenario

  1. If Issue subscribed. 0.14 times how many lots i wll get ?
  2. If issue subscribed 1.5 times how many lots i will get ?