Appreciation for Notes Feature & Inquiry on Alerts

Hi Zerodha Team,
@Meher_Smaran, @Arockiya_Raja

I wanted to express my appreciation for your work on the new Notes feature in the market watch.

Additionally, the updated alerts window is fantastic. It’s great that we can now create alerts even when the chart is open, and the automatic filling of the script name as the alert name is incredibly convenient.

However, I’ve encountered a challenge. I can’t seem to find the option to create alerts based on multiple instruments anymore. Previously, we could create alerts like ‘Last Traded Price (LTP) of SBIN is greater than or equal to LTP of HDFC,’ but it seems this functionality is no longer available. Is there a way to achieve this with the current setup?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the kind words.

Some updates have been planned for the alert window. The instrument-combining feature has been discontinued due to its minimal usage and operational intricacies. Users can currently use it via the mobile app, but it will be phased out after May 17th.

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Excited for it :smiley:

Oh ok :+1:

Hello @Arockiya_Raja ,
Can we have price alerts based on technical indicators?
For example, if LTP of XYZ is <= EMA(200)

You can use streak to generate alerts based on technical indicators.

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Yes, but it would be more convenient if this option were available in the same alert window.

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