Arbitrage Opportunity in Crypto wallets? šŸ˜³

What I observed yesterday was prices in Wazir X were way lower and crashed 15-30%, whereas prices in other wallets like Binance did not crash much.

Why did we have such a huge difference ? is it possible to have such a huge difference in different wallets?

And Can we do an arbitrage trade (buy where price is lower and sell where price is higher) in this scenario?

If you trade in WazirX, I think it will be Binance exchange.
WazirX is owned by Binance. So, this might be a price error.
Iā€™m not sure though.

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Arbitrage in crypto has existed since the very beginning. nothing new.

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but , to do that ; u must be having same crypto in both of the wallets . because , then only , you would be able to sell from 1 wallet and buy from another wallet .
u need to have the same crypto in both the wallet ; because , u donā€™t know which wallet u need to buy and which wallet u need to sell !

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