Are All Consumer Durable Defensive Stocks.?

Mostly. That’s because everyone would be buying food and consumer goods, medicines on daily basis irrespective of market condition.

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Not Consumer Durables but Consumer Staples are Defensives.

Consumer Durables-Auto,Jewellery,White goods(AC.TV,Mobile etc.)

Consumer Staples-Food, Soap,Paste etc .....

Interms of Market:

Practically there are no Defensives..Every stock will go down when Market Melts,only in the Short term and the time of Uncertainty Defensives Work.

Ex: HUL came down from Rs.300 level to Rs.180 in 2008 meltdown

Interms of Economy:

When economy is not good for prolonged period FMCG's Margins will go down.

EX:Staple Companies Margin will come down when world economy is melting down.

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Pharma,FMCG,Food,Realty are EVERgreen.

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Mostly, now when sector is falling, Pharma & FMCG behaves king in a market. 

Analogies: The more you eat, (FMCG), and nobody can stay without food, and the more you gonna fall ill (Pharma), also at the time of natural disaster/calamities..Very simple and ideal approach.

But in 2008 HUL was never at rs 300 level it was at 240 levels… :slight_smile:

My Point is there are no Perfect Defensive in Principle. you can take FMCG sector as a whole for analysis.It will outperform for sure but It won’t go up.
HUL-Jan22-2008 it made a low of 169 from Rs.240 (it was around Rs.300 on 2006 May-I had analysed the Market from 2006 to 2009 for a Project I had taken that Number from that)