Are cnbc awaz guyz making fool of retailers?

My observation has been that people on CNBC awaz are making fool out of retailers by suggesting them stonks to invest in under the guise of show names like aaj ka jackpot, mid day jackpot, kamai ka adda etc where these guys help generate some liquidity to provide exit for their friends or families. What’s your view?


Indian stock market is a mess. Lots of insider trading, lots of manipulation, retail exploitation and what not. The system here is not good and I have heard people in SEBI are corrupted so they ignore or don’t pursue against big names. Ofcourse I cannot guarantee the authenticity of it but for sure the market is one big mess.


Iam in stock market for more than 8 years and I can assure you one thing, Market kisi ke baap ka nahi hai. You can be successful here if you are ready to strive.


What i found is few stocks they introduce which otherwise we may not be aware of are really good. Example igarashi motors

But they also dump like omaxe and all

Informally companies may have to pay to take part in offloading via CNBC advertisement

Only God knows

Best is monitor their companies and dont jump to invest in day 1. For getting new ideas may be they help

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No it don’t work like this.

are the american or any foreign markets free from these impurities and hence easier to understand or trade?

Not really, but bigger the market, harder it is to manipulate it. But definitely not uncommon to see insider trading many hedge funds indulge in it actually, most of them do. Also bureaucracy matters a lot too and corruption do happen on large scale although quite rare. 2008 financial crisis is one such event that showed how exactly the markets were manipulated. These things always exist there’s no way to get away with it but it makes sense to work on decreasing through strict governance and regulations. Even then, the sociopaths always find a way to get away with it.


What makes you say so?

Btw, I thought your profile pic looks familiar, and it is indeed Raymond reddington from the series the Blacklist.

Some, grown up man, here seems to have mistaken you for a white guy, who trades US stocks. Just reading between the lines of the conversation.

So, Raymond or Raju?

Its ok bro. Jiske khud ka ghar kanch ka banaa hua ho wo dusre k ghr paththar kya maare

Whoever it is, focus or talk about their knowledge! Be professional.

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Relax man. I was just asking his name, don’t feel left out.

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