Are DP charges applicable in this case?

If I sell shares which I have in my demat account and buy back the shares on the same day, do I need to pay DP charges?

This trade would be treated as an intraday trade. DP charges wouldn’t apply as nothing is being actually debited from your account.

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Thanks for your quick reply

If i have 20 shares in my holdings and i sell 20 of them and again buy them at lower price on the same day . Am i still liable to pay Dp charges?

@jainam_savani answered above.

No, You are not liable to pay DP charges.
Becasue Nothing is being debited from your account.
It will be Considered as Intraday Trade.

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No, this will be a intraday. Only intraday brokerage charged.

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Does zerodha charges DP charges for intraday trading?

No DP charges for intraday trades. DP charge is applicable only for stock debits from your Demat account.

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Will this attract day trade broketage and STT?

@Lets_Invest But the shares are actually debited from the CDSL demat a/c…and credited back on T+2 day.
So the DP charges won’t apply here?

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Please ans this

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