Are Fibonacci Retracement Levels applicable on intraday charts

After several not a charts recommended for using for under a day? For example, on an hourly or even a five minute/1 minute candles?

Thank you for any inputs

I did not understand what you meant here but if you wish to use Fibonacci levels on intraday charts, then you can very well do it on all time-frames. However, they are more reliable on higher timeframes such Weekly/Daily than hourly and below.

You can read more about it here:

Sorry there was a major typo in the question. What I meant was a Fibonacci retracements are reliable to see on a 1 minute, 5 minute , 15 minute, 30 minute or hourly charts on an intraday basis.

You did mention that it is on all timeframes so perhaps it is applicable to a one minute time frame also. But I’m not finding it to be reliable and I was hoping for inputs by experts and maybe some studies which established the reliability of Fibonacci on intraday charts.

Thank you for responding despite the nonsensical question that I had posted.

Yes they are, but don’t try to apply them on Kite as the OHLC values in Kite is wrong on most of the occasions.

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