Are higher margins being charged on F&O Positions from Jan 2020?


I keep a track of F&O margins being charged for each stock every month. In Jan 2020, I can see that the margin requirements are higher for certain stocks. While in some cases it may be due to increase in the lot sizes, in others it is simply an increase. E.g. Bata India, Bajaj Finsv etc.

Is it because of increased volatility, or is it because of some changes from SEBI’s side? What does the trajectory look like for margin requirements in the coming year?


Check this out:

Yes I also observed it specially in bank nifty and nifty . Don’t know as VIX is at its lowest level .

No you don’t need money to sell stocks in your demat account. You need margin to purchase in cash segment as well now.

Doesn’t really affect customers of online brokerages like Zerodha. I had a brokerage account with a local broker a few years back and he let me trade whatever I wanted and asked for the money once in a while, like running a tab at the local kirana shop. All that stops now.

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