Are Kite charts reliable???

If zerodha only receives data of 1 tick per second while in reality there may be 100 or 1000 ticks , should we still use the KITE charts for analysis?
Especially for short time frames like 1 min and 5 mins.
Because if the chart is reflecting incomplete information our analysis will be flawed.

So is the discrepancy in data between the chart and the exchange enough to make a significant difference or are these just rare cases ?

Almost every charting software is like that, also there are days where people use to trade by seeing charts based on prices in newspapers, later ltp alone on ticket tape, much later live charting came.

Agree to this but 1 tick per sec on live chart should be enough to make judgement and if one is not making money because of this then I personally believe they have to rethink on their strategy instead trying to blame charts.

Very rare.

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