Are rebalancing losses /profits accounted for in smallcase CAGRs?

Dear all,
I am complete newbie to economics/finance/business administration. So please forgive me if I say something stupid.

Direct mutual funds on Zerodha coin are simple. You give a certain amount of money to a company/fund manager. At any point you can see how much money you can get back. I can see how CAGR is calculated.

Unlike investing in mutual funds, for smallcases, we have to rebalance our cases every quarter.
Now rebalancing obviously takes up additional costs (tax and service charges) and further if we are asked to sell off some stocks there might be profit or loss in those stocks.

My question is whether CAGR shown in smallcase website includes the above components. If the smallcase team could explain how they calculate the CAGR, it would be helpful to me. (@vasanthkamath ?)

EDIT: I found a post and a video on the smallcase website. So please close this answer. However for future benefit, you can share the links and close it if you want.

@Gowri-from-smallcase Can you.