Are stable coins return guaranteed?

There are some apps like which is advertising upto 13% returns on stable coins. Are these like guaranteed annual returns or they have risks?

I am not sure about what does. But stable coin staking on Binance provides fixed rate return on the stake.

In an era, where banks can fail with all the regulation, one black swan event in cryptos can wipe off everything.

I personally would never invest in such guaranteed return schemes.


You always have the risk in the current form of staking.

Incase you use a Centralised Exchange for staking, it’s safe but then can be prone to hacks and attacks.

If you use a DeFi platform for staking, it’s prone to rugpulls and hacks.

Unless you can run your own node for staking, imo it’s very risky. (ETH network does this currently).

From their website , they say they are lending stable coins to institutions @ 13%.

Now why would institutions pay 13% when they can get lending at much much better rates at banks. This means they are lending to risky institutions that can default.

Higher the return, higher the risk.

There is default risk.

yea no thank you.