Are "Stop loss" orders visible to market participants?

@ShubhS9 Just curious if stop loss orders (not referring to GTT) are visible to all / certain set of market participants in Indian markets. Today prices of few OTM strikes prices of BFO (65000PE and 65100PE) jumped by around 100x around 3:17PM without any corresponding movement in the underlying Sensex. Is it possible for traders to have access to pending stop loss orders in the system and benefit from it? Thanks.

Exchange keeps all Stoploss orders in seperate order book (Stop Loss Book), not in the regular order book. So these won’t show in the market depth. Market depth only shows limit orders.

Stoploss order is moved to regular order book only when it is triggered. You can learn more on this here.

Also, you can learn more on this topic here: Is stop loss hunting a thing? - #3 by Bhuvan

I always had this doubt. From many foreign forums , I came to know that ,big players ( hedge funds , banks etc ) can view a cluster/ shadow / heat map of pending order accumulation in several areas. ( Even the Bloomberg terminal has similar kind of option. But not sure how deep it can show. It was about foreign markets. … not sure how ours will work.

But then again, these clusters can be a manipulation by any superior fund, to trap another bank . Those who has the upper hand wins.